Leather Cowhides - Shapes and Sizes

Leather hides come in different shapes and sizes. The most common shape is a whole hide with a half hide resulting when the cowhide is cut into two pieces along the spine (see below). We primarily sell whole hides but half hides are available for leathers in Our Collection. Leather remnants, which are smaller pieces of leather left over when a hide has been cut for upholstering, come in all shapes and are also sold here. The size of cowhides can be very different depending on an animal's age and breed. The majority of cowhides fall within 45-60 sq ft range but it is common to see both smaller and larger!

One question we often get is what is the length and width of a certain hide. While it is not practical for us to get this information for all the leather hides we sell, below is a guide for length and width at various sizes. This is an estimate of length and width and not "tip-to-tip."  Please note that this measurement is not the "cut area" which is a smaller area usually 4-6 inches in from all sides of the hide where clean symmetrical cuts can be had.

Average length and width of a cowhides 35-60 sq ft