Automotive Leather for Cars & Trucks

Quality auto upholstery leather is hard to find!  We are proud to offer many leathers that meet or exceed color fastness standards (UV resistance) for aftermarket auto use. Our Essentials Line is very durable while being soft and supple. Market Street is a smoother leather that is a favorite among our classic car clients for its buttery feel and rich color with a little "pop" of sheen. Urban is a heavier weight material with lots of grain that is extra lux and rich.  For projects looking to make a statement, try our high performance distressed leathers in the Dakota line. These lines are displayed below.

However, for vehicles that get only limited use nearly all of our leathers on the site are great options!  Remember, we are always glad to help you find the perfect leather and also figure out just how much you will need.  Give us a call!

Special note: These are aftermarket automotive leathers not the original (OEM) leather from the car manufacturer.  When selecting a color, remember darker colors have higher UV resistance & may be preferable for daily use vehicles.

Perforated Leather

Need it perforated - we can help. We work with a leading provider of aftermarket perforation to give you the best perforated leather & prices! We even ship your order direct to save time & money. See our Perforated Leather page for available perf patterns and details.

Auto Projects in our Leather

  • Essetials black magic automotive leather
  • Essentials True Red
  • Urban Dallas Black Leather Hides
  • Auto Car Leather classic car
  • Rustic Croc Leather Hide
  • Black Licorice Leather
  • Great Smokey Mtn and Rocky Mtn Leather
  • Durango Dark Gold Croc Leather

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Auto Yardage Chart

A great resource for determining how much material you need for your car and truck interiors.

Automotive Upholstery Yardage Chart