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Our Story: Leather Source for Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Thanks for visiting Leather Hide Store. We are a family-owned, wholesale leather company that for 20 years has been the largest online source of premium upholstery leather (cowhide only!) to the trades & general public. A second generation leather company, we began selling online in 2004 and the rest is history. Our customers use our upholstery leather hides for furniture, handbags, custom cars and countless other leathercraft items. Thousands of people have purchased fine leather from us at wholesale prices and they keep coming back because of the quality and unmatched customer service!  We invite you to visit our incredible Customer Gallery and review feedback from thousands of satisfied customers.  

What You Can Expect from Leather Hide Store

In a word, you can expect to be treated fairly. We strive to provide great value and savings every day. This means, we only sell upholstery leather hides that meet or exceed industry standards along with excellent customer service. We gladly provide technical support through email and have a knowledgeable staff answering the phone Monday through Friday - it is like having a leather shop just around the corner!  Leather is a natural product and customers should use our Leather Buying Guide to be fully informed before a purchase.  However, if there is a problem with your order, we will rectify it and we are always glad to fulfill a reasonable request. Perhaps we are an old fashioned leather company, but we stand behind what we sell and take pride in our reputation as a source you can trust. Please see our Store Policies for additional information.

Our Showroom in Hillsborough, N.C.

Our office and showroom is located at Sinclair Station, 105 West Corbin St. Suite 202 in Hillsborough, NC. Our customer support team is located here as well as a sampling our Our Collection leather hides and Closeout leathers (our huge hide inventory is located at our warehouse in Hickory, NC - we do not fill orders out of the Hillsborough Showroom). Visitors are welcome in our showroom, but it is always smart to email or call ahead if possible to schedule a visit.  Call 1 (800) 651-9521 or email at [email protected]..