Perforated Leather

Need perforated leather for your car or truck? We can help. We work with a leading provider of aftermarket auto perforation to give you the best service & price. We even ship your order direct to the perforation service to save time & money. 

Steps For Ordering:

1. Select the leather for your car or truck. See our Auto Leathers here.  Remember to order samples first!

2. Determine how much leather you need (regular & perforated).  We can assist with general estimates based on make/model/year.

3. Call to place your order.  Leather for perforating (half or whole hides only) will be shipped direct for perforation while the rest of the leather ships to you.  

*Note: Perforaton is only done in half hides so whole hides will be cut into two halves before perforating.

Perf Leather Patterns:

Below are the perf patterns available. When placing your order with us you will need to specify which perf pattern you would like.

  • Chrysler & GM Standard Perforation
    Chrysler & GM Standard
  • Ford Standard / GM Small Perforation
    Ford Standard / GM Small
  • Euro Perforation
  • Tri Star Perforation
    Tri Star
  • Mini Perforation
    Ford Mini Perf
  • Micro Perforation

Perforation Price 

  • $3.00/sq ft  = All perforation patterns
Perforation Schedule:
Monday GM Mini / Ford Micro
Tuesday Euro / Tri-Star / Chrysler & GM Standard
Wednesday Ford Standard / GM Small, Ford Mini
Thursday GM Mini / Ford Micro